Lake Park, NC

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Fishing Permits


Village of Lake Park Fishing Permits are required for all anglers fishing on Village of Lake Park property. Permits are available at the Village of Lake Park Community Center - 3801 Lake Park Road.  The Community Center is open from 9am-5pm - Mondays and 9am - noon Tuesday thru Friday.

Lake Park Non-Resident Annual Individual Permit $25
Lake Park Resident Annual Individual Permit $2
 Youth (15 and under) Free - No permit required

FISHING AND PERMIT REGULATIONS: Permits are issued on an annual basis. Permit year starts on January 1 and ends on December 31. No partial year permits are available. Permits must be carried and/or openly displayed when fishing. A state license is required for anglers age 16 and older. State fishing licenses are sold at area sporting goods stores. One day and three day state fishing licenses can also be purchased.

Normal fishing season is year round, catch and release only.  Minnows may not be used as bait. Soil, water quality and composition of fish in the ponds will be monitored. Fishermen must stash their trash and leave no fishing line or hooks . Trash containers are available throughout the parks. Fishermen must obey the Village of Lake Park Ordinances, which regulate behavior in the public parks and ponds. 

Fishing is allowed from Dawn to Dusk.

Village of Lake Park, NC