Lake Park, NC

A Community For All Seasons

Parks & Recreation

Residents and neighbors in our village share over sixty acres of Lake Park Common Areas.  All year round, we enjoy unique landmarks, vistas, recreation and gathering spaces-- all well as lakes and parks – and all connected by a network of paved walkways.

Parks:  Barnett Park, Founders Park, Lake Charles Pier, Russell Park, Veterans Park and several playground areas are open year round and are subject to maintenance by the Parks and Recreation Commission. 

Ponds:  The ponds in Lake Park have distinctly different features.  Nature is part of Lake Park life.  Fishing Permits can be purchased at the Community Center Monday- Friday 9:00 am to noon, or by appointment.

Use of the basketball court and tennis court areas is on a first come-first play basis.  As a courtesy to all waiting players, no individual or group may monopolize any Sports Area for longer than one hour.  There are no fees associated with an hour of play at these sites.  

Parks are open Dawn to Dusk.

Village of Lake Park, NC